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Freedom and Justice Party and Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Support Non-Violent Protests
Freedom and Justice Party and Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Support Non-Violent Protests
Although Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, are keen to listen to others’ views, they denounce Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes, violence and mindless insults as totally unacceptable ways of political opposition or protest.
Thursday, November 22,2012 15:42

Mahmoud Hussein, Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General, denounced violent clashes in Mohamed Mahmoud Street (near the Egyptian Ministry of Interior), and the demonstrators’ departure from the peaceful tradition that must govern civilized protests.

In a press statement, Hussein continued, adding: "While we accept the other’s differing views, we refuse turning protest chants into frenzied insults against the group and its chairman that respect no rules of political opposition or peaceful protest."

Meanwhile, Murad Ali, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) spokesman, reiterated that the FJP listens to all demands, adding: "We are following the events closely. We accept genuine demonstrators’ criticisms. Everyone has the right to express their point of view of other parties, groups and movements; but this has to be done in a civilized, peaceful manner.

"Our objection to the clashes that started Monday evening is that demonstrations, commemorating Mohamed Mahmoud Street events of last year, have turned bloody and violent, with some people attempting to attack the Interior Ministry building and to engage the security personnel in fights incompatible with the most basic rules of legitimate peaceful political opposition or protests – something which we reject totally."
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