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Erian: Egypt-United States Historical Relations Will Be Balanced and Fair
Erian: Egypt-United States Historical Relations Will Be Balanced and Fair
Hoping a second term in office will make Obama a firmer, more proactive leader, Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party calls upon the US President to play a fairer role in the cause of Palestine.
Saturday, November 10,2012 18:01

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice-Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that U.S. President Barack Obama’s victory in the recent elections deserves congratulations, because he steered his re-election campaign with admirable resolve during the election period.

In a statement to the BBC, in the first Egyptian reaction to the re-election of President Obama on Wednesday, Erian said: "The Egyptian people and the whole world are waiting for the change President Obama promised during his election campaign".

On Egypt's relations with the US, after Obama won a second term, Erian affirmed that these relations will be balanced, helped by the current situation in post-revolution Egypt and the fair foreign policy adopted by President Mohamed Morsi.

"Egypt's relations with all countries of the world will be balanced and fair, based on respect for the other. Meanwhile, we cannot accept that Washington's policy would be based on interfering in Egyptian or other Arab affairs.

"I believe that the election of President Obama may also lead to finding a solution to the crisis in Syrian, to stop the bloodshed and achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people, by bolstering the Egyptian initiative put forward by Cairo and recently supported by Moscow."

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