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Muslim Brotherhood: Kandil Cabinet Should Be Given Fair Chance to Prove Worth
Muslim Brotherhood: Kandil Cabinet Should Be Given Fair Chance to Prove Worth
Egypt’s Brotherhood takes a wait-and-see position with regard to judging the newly-appointed Kandil’s Cabinet, while certain media outlets feel obliged to criticize the non-partisan configuration.
Friday, August 3,2012 01:34

In a press statement, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood, stressed that, before judging Prime Minister Hisham Kandil and his newly-appointed government, they should be given the opportunity to prove their excellence.

"Kandil has announced that ministers were chosen for their expertise, competencies and individual merits, not on party basis. They must get an adequate chance to prove themselves."

Dr. Hussein further pointed that the Brotherhood believes judging the government's performance does not depend on a specific length of time so much as it is linked to its ability to solve the problems of citizens and stamp out lawlessness.

"I urge the media to bear up with the government until it is finally formed and begins its work.

"Despite all the criticism leveled at us, the Brotherhood’s position vis-a-vis the Kandil Cabinet is not at all different from its position vis-a-vis the Ganzouri government when it was first formed. At the time, we did ask all to show patience and to give the new Cabinet a fair chance."

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