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Morsi Aims to Increase Number of Tourists Visiting Egypt to 20 Million
Morsi Aims to Increase Number of Tourists Visiting Egypt to 20 Million
Presidential contender Morsi assures tourism workers of greater focus on their problems, and pledges tremendous development for the whole industry, with a promise of raising number of tourists to twenty million each year.
Friday, June 15,2012 15:30

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, candidate of the revolution in the run-off presidential election, assured that tourism is one of the major resources of the Egyptian national income and is an important hub in Nahda (Renaissance) Project. He pointed that there are four million Egyptians working in tourism.

In a meeting with workers of the tourism sector, Thursday June 14, Dr. Morsi added that Egypt has a great touristic wealth, and that the Egyptian monuments represent one third of the world’s recognized tourist attractions.

"Egypt also is blessed with mild climate, many breathtaking coasts – in the Gulf of Suez, Aqaba, Sinai and Red Sea. All that is required is the political will, to enable the country to benefit from its own natural resources.

"Egypt needs a successful tourism industry. Meanwhile, tourism workers need the help of the state and all the various services they rely upon. The presidential program aims to increase tourist arrivals to 20 million tourists per annum, and to provide security, transportation and all kinds of services for them."

He further added that the presidential program allocates 20 billion Egyptian Pounds (US$3.33 billion) to boost the tourism sector, build long roads – in places such as Hurghada and Abu Simbel, develop the railway network significantly and effectively, and promote Nile cruises.

"There is also an emphasis on workers’ right to 12% service, supporting and reducing risks for small investors, building the land bridge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, development and global marketing of the port of Alexandria, activation of one-day trips, and establishing a fund from revenues of museums and visas for the development of the tourism industry.

"The presidential program further aims to encourage investors to put their money in Egypt’s tourism sector, by reassuring them of the country’s security and the integrity of its tax laws. It also focuses on the need for boosting tourism police, and the adoption of amendments to the law of tourist guidance in consultation with specialists, experts and tourism workers.
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