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Bishop Basanti Calls on Morsi to Protect Rights of Coptic Christians
Bishop Basanti Calls on Morsi to Protect Rights of Coptic Christians
Bishop of Helwan, southern Cairo, affirms that the Muslim Brotherhood always had a peaceful, honorable history with Christians of Egypt: never attacked any churches or Coptic establishments.
Sunday, June 10,2012 20:01

Bishop Basanti, the bishop of Helwan and Maasara, expressed his immense respect for Dr. Mohamed Morsi, asking him to be president of all Egyptians, if he wins the presidency.

Basanti sent a message to Morsi, saying: "Remember what you said about Christians 'They have the same rights and duties as all of us'. We respect and hail you as president of all Egyptians".

In the Arabic program 'Noqtat Nizam' on satellite TV channel 'Arabiya', Thursday, Basanti asserted that there is not a single case of assault by any members of the Muslim Brotherhood against Christians, churches or any of their institutions.

Basanti called on Dr. Morsi – if he emerges the winner in the presidential runoff – to enact a law of non-discrimination against Christians, to avoid problems that used to take place under the former regime. Basanti further said that all citizens should be represented in the next system of governance.

Furthermore, Bishop Basanti mentioned that the decision of the Church to ban travel to the occupied territories is still in force, that this decision will remain in force as long as Israel's occupation of Jerusalem continues, and that travel of some Christians to Jerusalem is a violation of the Coptic Church’s decision.

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