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Statement Regarding Morsi’s Conference with Female Icons of Egyptian Society
Statement Regarding Morsi’s Conference with Female Icons of Egyptian Society
Presidential contender Dr. Mohamed Morsi listens to Egyptian women’s demands, and explains to them his vision for the future of expanding opportunities for women in post-revolution Egypt.
Tuesday, June 5,2012 00:05

 Dr. Mohamed Morsi held a conference, earlier today, in a hotel in the Egyptian capital Cairo, with a number of female and societal icons to listen to their ideas and aspirations, and to tell them of his vision for a modern, democratic homeland.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Nadia Mostafa, professor of international relations and head of the Hadara Center; Dr. Bakinam Sharkawi, political science professor; Dr. Heba Qutb, sexual health physician; Amal Fawzi, managing editor of Nisf Aldonia (Half the world); Ithar Katatni, press writer, Laila Kabbani, member of the Hadara party; and the poet Mahboba Haroun.

The meeting discussed D. Morsi’s vision for women as citizens, equal with men before the law, and the roles performed by them, especially vital maternal and child-care roles.

Dr. Morsi focused on the concerns of marginalized women, such as farmer women, female-headed households and working women.

Moreover, Dr. Morsi pointed that of Egyptian society has its own cultural and legal specificity that helps protect it from some of the problems prevalent in other societies.

Dr. Morsi further affirmed that he has no intention to change any of the personal status laws, including the age of marriage, child custody and the law of banning circumcision.

Dr. Morsi also reiterated his earlier promise to appoint a woman as Vice President of the Republic to participate effectively and positively in decision-making.



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