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Dr. Morsi Submits Presidential Candidacy Documents; Backs Up Al-Shater
Dr. Morsi Submits Presidential Candidacy Documents; Backs Up Al-Shater
Just in case Al-Shater’s eligibility is challenged in Egypt’s race for the presidency, the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the FJP, field their Second Nominee.
Sunday, April 8,2012 23:15

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Sunday, officially filed his candidacy application for president of the republic.


Dr. Morsi’s nomination comes amidst concerns that certain parties may endeavor to exclude from the race Khairat Al-Shater, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and FJP.  Al-Shater has already formally submitted his nomination documents with signed endorsements from members of the People's Assembly and Shura Council, and has been accepted as an independent.


Dr. Gamal Heshmat, member of the FJP’s National Committee, said: “We nominated Dr. Morsi in case of any challenge to Al-Shater. We did not want to miss the last day for submitting applications before fielding a candidate who is difficult to challenge. Indeed, there is a deliberate effort to facilitate the exclusion of candidates from the presidential election. Dr. Morsi has been selected in his partisan capacity, following a vote at the FJP’s National Committee”.

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