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Dr. Hussein: Attempts to Sow Seeds of Strife and Isolate Brotherhood Will Fail
Dr. Hussein: Attempts to Sow Seeds of Strife and Isolate Brotherhood Will Fail
Dr. Mahmoud Hussein believes that attempts to drive a wedge between the Muslim Brotherhood and all official and political parties and stakeholders in Egypt, will go the futile way of countless many other vile attempts, schemes and plots against the group.
Thursday, March 29,2012 12:26

 Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood, asserted that the group is the subject of a relentless hostile campaign by certain mass media outlets and political opponents.


In a press statement yesterday, Dr. Hussein denounced the hostile campaign that went to the extreme lengths of forging an ‘official’ statement, with the Brotherhood logo and forged official letterhead paper. That was falsely attributed to the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, and contained incorrect ‘news’ that had nothing to do with the group. Evidently, the aim of that episode was to drive a wedge between the Muslim Brotherhood and all other parties, forces and stakeholders, official and independent, in Egypt’s political arena. The Brotherhood Secretary-General expressed confidence that these campaigns will fail the way their predecessors did. Dr. Hussein urged everyone to beware of God in all they do for Egypt, its people, its present and its future.

It is worth mentioning that the documents falsely attributed to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau claimed that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) is intent on imposing a favorite presidential candidate, and demands Cabinet quotas and privileges in the Constitution. The document also states that the Brotherhood seeks to reject that by mobilizing ‘million-man marches’ in Tahrir Square, in coordination and collaboration with other political actors in Egypt; something which Dr. Hussein denied altogether, calling it a totally unfounded lie.
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