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International Affairs
Dr. Fahmi to Anne Patterson: Looking Forward to International Relations Based on Justice, Equality
Dr. Fahmi to Anne Patterson: Looking Forward to International Relations Based on Justice, Equality
Ready to engage in dynamic, reciprocal international relations based on trust, democracy and equality, modern Egypt is restoring its traditional place at the forefront of the world’s nations.
Wednesday, March 28,2012 07:13

 Dr. Ahmed Fahmi, Speaker of the Shura Council, met with Anne Patterson, U.S. Ambassador in Cairo, on Sunday 25 March 2012.

The U.S. ambassador expressed hope that parliament will successfully take Egypt across the current transitional phase to shores of stability and progress. Further, Ms. Patterson said the U.S. has a keen interest in the political and economic stability of Egypt, due to its leading role in the Middle East.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Fahmi expressed the hope that Egyptian-U.S. relations are built on justice, cooperation and equality, not bias to one party or another as in most U.S. actions and positions concerning the various Arab issues, particularly Palestine.
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