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Dr. Badie: Muslim Brotherhood Decision on Presidency Soon
Dr. Badie: Muslim Brotherhood Decision on Presidency Soon
Egypt’s majority political player is yet to decide on whether it should allow members to run for the country’s top job.
Monday, March 26,2012 20:07

 Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, said that the Brotherhood’s General Shura Council will soon resolve the issue of nominating or endorsing a presidential candidate, and that it is quite possible there will be a change in the Brotherhood’s original position on the issue.

In a meeting with about three thousands of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members in Kafr El-Sheikh, Dr. Badie said: "When we initially refused to run for the presidency, it was out of concern for Egypt, and for the same reason we're reviewing the decision now that there are new developments on the political scenes, with former regime figures announcing candidacy – like Omar Suleiman and others – and even Mubarak supporters working for the ousted despot’s return. So, we consider all options open. We certainly do not seek power per se. In fact, the decision not to run for office remains valid, until a different decision is made by the Brotherhood’s General Shura Council".

Regarding the Ganzouri government, the Brotherhood Chairman said, "We supported this government, at the beginning. But we found that it instigates crises of gas and diesel as well as other crises designed to keep citizens busy. And whenever the Parliament requests the Cabinet to respond to its statement, they do not attend. The last straw was the government’s allowing the accused Americans to escape".

In conclusion, as some Egyptian media claimed that the honeymoon is over between the Brotherhood and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), the Brotherhood leader said, "There has never been marriage, divorce or honeymoon between the Muslim Brotherhood and SCAF. We declared and maintained the same position towards SCAF all along: We will praise and encourage its good endeavors; and point its mistakes when it errs, and effectively stop any wrong-doing. And if it slows down the march towards democracy, we will push it forward, to meet all the legitimate well-deserved demands of the Egyptian people”.
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