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Osama Yassin: FJP Tabled Comprehensive Plan for Advancement of Youth in All Areas
Osama Yassin: FJP Tabled Comprehensive Plan for Advancement of Youth in All Areas
Constituent Assembly drafting Egypt’s new Constitution is to consider a complete welfare package for Egyptian youths, aimed at engaging young people and enabling them in all fields.
Wednesday, March 21,2012 07:13

 Dr. Osama Yassin, Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA) Youth Committee Chairman, said that the Committee has developed a future plan for the advancement of youth in society and solving its problems in the next phase of the ongoing democratization process.

In a statement to “Jan 25” Egyptian TV channel, Dr. Yassin added that the PA’s Youth Committee has tabled a vision, for consideration in the drafting of the new constitution, which is based on three axes.

The first axis pertains to political, economic and social empowerment of Egyptian youth, pointing out that political empowerment – in the democratic transition phase and beyond – means engaging young people as partners in the decision-making process in Egypt, both within the state’s official frameworks or through unofficial organizations such as youth NGO’s or youth forums where young people are usually active.

Further, social empowerment of youth means involving young people as partners in the development of the community at large, and also helping them to be partners in resolving youth’s chronic problems unemployment, housing and delayed age of marriage.

As for economic empowerment, the Committee’s vision aims to take advantage of the economy of small and micro enterprises, asserting that this will help young people benefit their country the most, and will enable them to push the wheel of democratic change themselves, and thus launch the development and renaissance project in Egypt.

The second axis of the Youth Committee’s vision addresses the overall development of youth through youth centers or other similar establishments. Naturally, the concept of comprehensive development includes the development of spiritual, moral, intellectual, scientific and other aspects of multi-faceted development.

The third axis is related to sport, where the idea is to increase the base of sports practice in Egypt for all ages, and to create a climate conducive to the discovery and nurturing of talent with an eye to making champion athletes. All this is to take place within a properly integrated administrative system for youth and sport.

Regarding the resumption of football league matches, Dr. Yassin confirmed that those need to await the return of the right ‘security’ atmosphere, as they evidently require proper safety and security environment. “Egyptian blood is dear. We do not need the kind of lawlessness and chaos, the exploitation of prevailing negative climate in stadiums to shed even more blood. When State security services are indeed able to secure league matches, they will return.
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