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Khodeiri: Parliament Begins Proceedings to Withdraw Confidence from Government Soon
Khodeiri: Parliament Begins Proceedings to Withdraw Confidence from Government Soon
The Ganzouri government is taking its final breaths, according to the Freedom and Justice newspaper. With the incumbent government appointed rather than elected, Egyptian Parliament is deemed the true representative of the people’s will.
Friday, March 9,2012 17:03

 Counselor Mahmoud Al-Khodeiri, Chairman of the Legislative Committee of Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA), said that the PA will begin – in the next few days – proceedings to withdraw confidence from the Dr. Kamal Ganzouri’s government. He added that questioning sessions have been booked, with 10 of them scheduled to take place within the next week, with the PA giving Ministers the opportunity to prepare responses.

Khodeiri explained that, after the government has provided its answers, at the end of the questioning and discussions, and at the same session, the PA shall have the right to start a vote of no confidence, if 10 MPs submitted a request in this regard. He added that a vote of no-confidence is passed by a majority of the attendees of the session. If no majority is obtained, the result is considered a vote of renewed confidence in the government.

The chief judge pointed out that if the PA does withdraw confidence, next week, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has no right to overturn this resolution.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, a Freedom and Justice Party lawmaker, said that the issue of withdrawing confidence from the government has forced every party in the political process to shoulder its responsibilities. He wondered whether SCAF wishes to comply with the will of the people as represented in the parliament they chose in fair and free elections.

Dr. Beltagy demanded that there be a real will to get out of the crisis, explaining that the PA will only decide to withdraw confidence from the government, if it finds that it has no alternative, because of the crises witnessed throughout the homeland, with the government unable to provide any way out.
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