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«Creating Political Leaders» an FJP Initiative to Empower Giza Youth
«Creating Political Leaders» an FJP Initiative to Empower Giza Youth
The FJP’s youth leadership initiative is dedicated to increasing youth engagement in politics, enabling young people to take responsibility for democracy in Egypt and share a commitment to making the world a better place.
Friday, March 9,2012 14:24

The youth committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has opened the window of candidacy for its «Creating Political Leaders» initiative, for young party members of both sexes. The initiative aims to build and develop leadership abilities and skills in FJP youths who will be selected to represent the party in various forums.

Ali Khafagi, the leader of the FJP's youth committee in Giza (eight miles away from downtown Cairo), said that this project highlights the special status of young people in the party, and is a practical response to accusations that the FJP marginalizes young people and ignores their role. Khafagi also pointed out that the FJP has a promising plan with many projects and initiatives for youths, this being only one of them.

Khafagi revealed that the FJP aims to graduate about 30 young leaders in its initiative’s first course, explaining that Cairo’s committee will join the initiative later.

Khafagi also revealed that the party aims to train and prepare that group, or some of its members, as candidates in the forthcoming local council elections, asserting the resolve of Giza youths to be at the forefront of party candidates in local elections.

Moreover, Khafagi explained that the FJP is now developing programs for the initiative, and is negotiating with the most qualified and well-known lecturers to implement that program.

The youth committee stipulates for candidates to be members of the FJP, under the age of 35 years, and to have participated positively in FJP activities during the period of joining. A candidate must also be an outspoken person who has the courage to express his views and opinions, and should preferably master other languages. The committee also requires candidates to demonstrate initiative and drive and share innovative ideas, and also be presentable and good-mannered, and enjoy a good reputation.

Applicants are to go through an initial interview – at party unit level  – that qualifies them for the next phase. Then, they are interviewed by a specialized committee of party leaders in Greater Cairo. Each period or course of the initiative is at least six months, during which the member receives specialized training courses in political, media and legal fields, but will also include other activities that help the creation of leadership personalities. The youth committee said that the maximum date for receipt of applications is 15 March.
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