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Lawyers Syndicate Subdivision Elections Favor Brotherhood’s Coalition
Lawyers Syndicate Subdivision Elections Favor Brotherhood’s Coalition
While self-styled Egyptian Elite indulge themselves and blame the Egyptian majority for being ‘ignorant’, for choosing ‘the wrong’ men and women to represent them in Parliament, more trade-unionists, students and workers put their trust in Muslim Brotherhood.
Tuesday, February 28,2012 00:29

The first phase of the Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate subdivision elections for 9 branches across eight governorates including North and South Cairo, Giza, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, Qaliubiya, Fayoum and Minya, and supervised by Administrative Prosecution judges, has been completed.

According to Osama El-Helw, Islamic Sharia Committee rapporteur and board member of the General Council of the Bar, candidates from the Islamic Sharia Committee, which is a coalition of Brotherhood lawyers and allied colleagues, succeeded in winning seats.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, he said: "We had hoped to see better results; however efforts were made by some to scare lawyers with allegations that the FJP would dominate the syndicate just as it dominated the People's Assembly. In any case, we pledge to work for and serve all lawyers".

The final count results revealed that Ahmed Al-Zend won in Minya governorate, while Omar Mohamed Omar won in the Abu Qerqas district, while Hany Rady and Mustafa Abdul Motamad, allied with the Islamic Sharia Committee, secured seats in Malawi and Bani Mazar districts. Moreover, Tarek Fouda, on the independent list, won a seat, while Omar Ali Ibrahim, from the party's list, lost the race.

The committee overseeing the subdivision elections in Fayoum, headed by chancellor Mohamed Nabil Metwali, announced that four candidates from the Islamic Sharia committee won seats, namely Eid Sayed Abdullah (Fayoum), Mahmoud Omar (Sanores) and Ali Ramadan (Ebshway), in addition to Ali Saber who won the 'youth' seat. Other winners included Hazem Taha and Mohamed Anwar Hassanein from Fayoum, and Hesham Al-Douh (Etsa) and Nasser Abdul Hady (Tamia).

In Qaliubiya, Mahmoud Yusuf, also from the Islamic Sharia Committee , won a seat, along with  Wael Tutu (Khanka), Adel Maghrebi (Shubra), Mahmoud Al-Kordi (youth seat) and Ashraf Ghany (Qanater) and Faisal Al-Kahal (Toukh).

Two seats out of a total of six in Cairo were also awarded to the Islamic Sharia Committee, while Giza's candidate Hesham Al-Komy, a leader on the Committee, secured a seat. Also, Ahmed Samir and Ali Shannon (Al-Warraq, Oseem and Imbaba) won their respective seats.

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