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FJP Press Release # 13 – Egyptian Shura Council Election Results
FJP Press Release # 13 – Egyptian Shura Council Election Results
Massive victory announced for Freedom and Justice party candidates in the second phase of Shura Council elections.
Thursday, February 23,2012 14:03

 Judicial committees overseeing Egyptian parliament’s consultative chamber the ‘Shura Council’ elections 2012 have announced that 20 candidates of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) have won contested seats – out of a total 23 FJP nominees who contested this round’s 26 seats.

However, the Luxor election results have not been announced yet, with votes still being counted for party ‘lists’ elections held on 21 and 22 February 2012. Nevertheless, final indicators point to the FJP’s two candidates winning massively. Ahmed Ali Ibrahim, FJP candidate for the ‘Professional’ seat, received 37,376 votes against 27,712 for his opponent. Also, Sayed Alhaboul, FJP candidate for the ‘Workers’ seat, received 34,167 against 28,551 votes for his rival.

This round has also witnessed victory for Dr. Susan Saad Zaghloul, the first woman to win in the elections of the ‘individual’ seats in the People's Assembly as well as Shura Council elections, while FJP candidate Abdul-Nasser Abul-Dahab has not won the ‘Workers’ seat in the first Giza constituency.

Thus, the number of FJP winners of the individual seats in the second phase is 22 out of 27 total FJP candidates contesting the individual seats in this phase. Luxor results are still to be announced.
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