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Freedom and Justice Party Renews Call for National Consensus Government; Rejects Borrowing Policy, Women's Council
Freedom and Justice Party Renews Call for National Consensus Government; Rejects Borrowing Policy, Women's Council
With lawlessness and chaos on the rise in the Egyptian street, the FJP demands a new, coalition government must replace PM Al-Ganzouri’s transitional one currently at a loss to steer the country out of trouble.
Wednesday, February 22,2012 14:45

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) said that Egypt is still suffering from escalating economic and security crises that confirm the failure of the current government’s approach in dealing with them. This increases the suffering of the Egyptian people, one whole year after the January 25 Revolution, with no significant improvement in their quality of living. Instead, they have experienced a steep and steady growth in prices that requires a real and serious review of government performance.

In its ‘Views & Reviews’ wide-ranging statement on Monday, the FJP underscored the need for a new, coalition government of national consensus that reflects the choices of the Egyptian people expressed in the last parliamentary elections – a government that will comply and harmonize with the people's desire for reform and change.

The FJP stressed that to allow the current government to continue without regard to its badly deteriorating performance will complicate matters further, and indicates that there is a desire that has become clear to export more crises to any future.

As for foreign borrowing, the FJP affirmed its respect and appreciation for all international institutions, but reiterated its rejection of the government's insistence on borrowing from the World Bank.

Further, the FJP asserted that The party sees that searching for pain killers to treat economic problems raises many questions, especially since Egypt has many financial resources that can be relied upon before resorting to external borrowing, be it from the World Bank or any other source, so as not to overload Egypt’s future generations with burdens in which they had no hand in incurring.

The FJP’s statement also criticized the government’s failure to cleanse the Ministry of Interior of the former interior minister Habib El-Adli’s chums and followers, and to purge the dissolved state security apparatus.

Moreover, the FJP demanded full opportunity be given for many noble and honest leadership figures – within the Ministry of the Interior – who are genuinely committed to restoring the security and stability of Egypt, and to reforming the security apparatus effectively.

On the recent restructuring of the National Council for Women (NCW), the FJP rejected the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF)’s decision and its determination to ignore the popular rejection of a new NCW persisting in the same endeavors, in the same way the old NCW did under the reign of the corrupt former regime, which tried to demolish the family and family life from the moment of its inception.

In conclusion, the FJP warned against attempts by the NCW to involve Egypt in any decisions or treaties through its participation in the meetings of the Women's Committee of the United Nations, which may lead to more tension and strife in the Egyptian street, due to dubious policies on the basis of which this Council was founded.

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