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MB Chairman Meets with Muslim and Copt Youth
MB Chairman Meets with Muslim and Copt Youth
Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, met Sunday with 15 Muslim and Copt youths from the “Citizens for a Good Cause” group at the group’s headquarters in Cairo.
Tuesday, October 18,2011 11:10

 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, met Sunday with 15 Muslim and Copt youths from the “Citizens for a Good Cause” group at the group’s headquarters in Cairo.

Addressing the relations between Muslims and Copts, Badie highlighted that Tahrir Square was a perfect model of unity which emerged  from the chaos in Egypt, where Christian protesters stood together to protect Muslims as they prayed, and vice versa.

He expressed his pleasure on meeting the youths, stressing that: “It is warming to witness youths unite and work towards Egypt’s progress. The upcoming phase is a critical period for Egypt. Muslims and Copts alike must participate effectively to contribute to Egypt’s reform and development”.

He added, “Muslims and Copts must live together on Egypt’s soil with mutual trust and respect. Copts in our country must not heed lies and fall prey to those inciting sectarian strife and sedition”. 

Badie called upon all youths to maintain the picture of solidarity witnessed between Muslims and Copts during the revolution in Tahrir Square. “Muslims and Copts are joint owners of this homeland, Egypt, and they must all work on protecting it and restoring its lost image”, he said.

He stressed that unity, tolerance and goodwill were witnessed during the revolution when neighbourhood-watch groups (popular committees) were formed to protect the people, and Muslims and Copts disregarded differences repeatedly highlighted by the former regime.

Badie urged the youths, both Muslims and Copts, to counter any and all attempts by remnants of the former regime creating chaos and disorder in Egypt. “We must work on endorsing morals in the community and providing a suitable and more stable environment in Egypt. We must forget our differences, and respect each other's religion,” he asserted, “After all, Allah our Lord mentioned the Virgin Mary in the Quran in the highest order above all women”. 

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