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FJP Denounces Attacks on Israeli Embassy, Rejects Prolonging Military Rule
FJP Denounces Attacks on Israeli Embassy, Rejects Prolonging Military Rule
The Freedom and Justice Party condemned actions of violence between protesters and security forces on September 9 called "Friday of Correcting the Path," which was shunned by both the party as well as the Muslim Brotherhood.
Sunday, September 11,2011 15:19

The Freedom and Justice Party condemned actions of violence between protesters and security forces on September 9 called "Friday of Correcting the Path," which was shunned by both the party as well as the Muslim Brotherhood. 

"We denounce the attacks on the Israeli embassy in Giza and must learn to differentiate between condemning Israeli actions and destroying property and attacking security forces," FJP said in a statement Saturday.

The FJP urged the Egyptian people not to escalate matters with such faulty actions that would in turn affect the 
revolution and tarnish its achievements in front of the world. Such actions are a result of the absence of security and its lack of performance of its duty especially when the country is in dire need for security.

It is apparent that the Egyptian people fully oppose Israeli aggression and demand a reassessment of the relations between Egypt and Israel. A message has been sent that neither the New Egypt nor its people and the region will accept any acts of aggression or offensives.

"Additionally, we completely reject any attempt to exploit these events in order to impose martial laws, restrict freedoms, or prolong the transitional period," FJP added.

To reach the revolution’s objective, the statement said, it is significant that we sustain the revolution’s demands which include: the end of military tribunals for civilians, the cleansing of state institutions of former regime’s officials particularly in the judiciary and universities departments, the banning of the dissolved  NDP’s members from participating in the political arena for 5 years, the restoration of stability in Egypt and the amending of regulations for the parliamentary and Shura council elections.

Other demands include a complete review of the peace treaty with Israel and the end of gas exports to Israel especially following the aggressive Israeli attacks which left Egyptian soldiers at the border dead - a clear violation of the Camp David Accord. According to the people, the only acceptable response following such aggression by the governing authorities and the SCAF was the expelling of the Israeli Ambassador and the summoning of the Egyptian envoy in Tel Aviv until an official apology is issued and a suitable investigation carried out restoring Egypt’s dignity.

"However, the people were shocked to see a cement wall being built around the Israeli Embassy to protect the very people who killed their fellow countrymen, in what was regarded as a very provocative procedure. In turn, the people took action into their own hands and brought down the wall," the statement added.

The FJP emphasized the importance of sticking to a timeline for the transfer of power and theelection of a strong civilian authority and democratic rule. 

"Unity and solidarity at this time especially is important to foil the internal and external efforts to frustrate the January 25 Revolution and spread chaos. This will only be achieved if demands are speedily met and only then will Egypt be set to begin restoring its glory and successfully establishing state institutions, and in turn adopt a balanced foreign policy based on reciprocated respect and mutual benefits."

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