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International Affairs
Japanese Ambassador Discusses Economy and Bilateral Relations  With FJP Chairman
Japanese Ambassador Discusses Economy and Bilateral Relations With FJP Chairman
The Japanese Ambassador in Cairo Norihiro Okuda visited the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party Monday, and was received by the party's President Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Vice-President Dr. Essam ElErian, and Secretary General Dr. Mohammed Saad ElKatatny.
Tuesday, August 23,2011 01:42
by Hussein Mahmoud and Yomna Asaad IkhwanWeb

The Japanese Ambassador to Cairo, Norihiro Okuda, visited the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Monday, and met with party's chairman Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Deputy Chairman Dr. Essam El-Erian, and Secretary General Dr. Mohammed Saad ElKatatny.

During the meeting, which lasted over an hour, the Ambassador expressed his country's desire to strengthen bilateral relations with the revolutionary Egypt, stating that 2011 is a special year for both Egypt and Japan, where both countries faced extra-orderinary events; Egypt's revolution and democratic transformation, and Japan's earthquake and its struggle to rebuild itself.

Okuda also expressed his appreciation for a visit by the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood to offer their condolences to the earthquake victims, even before the Freedom and Justice Party was founded.

The Ambassador said that his visit comes as part of historical relations between Egypt and Japan, pointing out that the Japanese are interested in investing in Egypt’s private sector, but there are some concerns that need to be considered.

On the other hand, Morsi praised Japan's economic and industrial contributions to global economy, and its balanced policies in the region, adding that the Japanese model of rebuilding their country after 65 years after the war is inspirational.

Morsi laid out the FJP's vision in maintaing strong relationships with Japan, especially in the economic field, calling on the Ambassador to promote Japanese investments in Egypt, and benefit from Egypt's big market and its human resources.

"Egypt is stable and secure, and has leading role in the region, and its revival will lead to a huge transformation in the whole region"

Morsi downplayed fears of Egypt turning into theocracy like Iran, adding that Egypt is a Sunni country and the methodology of managing affairs are different

“our approach of a moderate Islamic reference doesn’t include a theocracy. The people are the only source of authority, and they choose how to manage their affairs"

Morsi also assured that the FJP is aiming for a democratic state with equal protected rights and duties for everyone regardless of their color or religion.


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