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UNESCO Clarifies Position on Jerusalem
UNESCO Clarifies Position on Jerusalem
In a press release, UNESCO clarified its position towards Jerusalem stating that reports about recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital were mere allegations.
Monday, July 18,2011 15:03

In a press release, UNESCO clarified its position towards Jerusalem stating  that reports about recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital were mere allegations. 

"UNESCO wishes to reiterate that, contrary to recent allegations, there has been no change in UNESCO’s position on Jerusalem.

The Old City of Jerusalem is inscribed on the World Heritage List and the List of World Heritage in Danger. UNESCO continues to work to ensure respect for the outstanding universal value of the cultural heritage of the Old City of Jerusalem. This position is reflected on UNESCO’s official website (www.unesco.org). In line with relevant UN resolutions, East Jerusalem remains part of the occupied Palestinian territory, and the status of Jerusalem must be resolved in permanent status negotiations," the statement read. 

The Muslim Brotherhood had issued a statement Thursday condemning UNESCO decision to name Jerusalem as Israeli capital on its website. 


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