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MB and Copts Celebrate National Unity
MB and Copts Celebrate National Unity
The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria joined Christians in an event organized by the Copts to strengthen the bond between Muslims and Copts.
Thursday, May 19,2011 03:08

The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria joined Christians in an event organized by the Copts to strengthen the bond between Muslims and Copts.

Following numerous failed attempts to incite sedition and sectarian strife both groups united in Alexandria determined to restore the unity that exists between the Egyptians regardless of religion.

Former MB MP Mustapha Mohamed spoke about the bonds between Muslims and Christians stressing there is no Muslim or Christian but Egyptian, he added that with this in mind Egypt will climb new heights and become prosperous. Through the celebration a lot was being said about national unity.

Mohamed called for a ‘wisemen’ committee to be formed comprised of both Muslims and Copts to monitor the relationship between the people. He maintained it was imperative that any and all attempts made by the former regime’s remnants to spoil the revolution’s success be stemmed.


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