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Report: Israel killed 22 Palestinians last month
Report: Israel killed 22 Palestinians last month
The international Tadamun (solidarity) society for human rights said in its monthly report that Israel killed 22 Palestinians, all of them from the Gaza Strip, during intensive artillery and aerial attacks last April.
Friday, May 6,2011 13:39

The international Tadamun (solidarity) society for human rights said in its monthly report that Israel killed 22 Palestinians, all of them from the Gaza Strip, during intensive artillery and aerial attacks last April.

According to its report, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped more than 250 Palestinians, including 30 children, in different occupied Palestinian areas of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

They also kidnapped during raids on Nablus villages especially Awarta village more than 120 Palestinian women, mostly released after interrogation.

Among the women kidnapped during the reporting month was lawyer and human rights activist Suheir Ayoub who was imprisoned on allegation of working as a messenger for Islamic Jihad prisoners and leaders.

Researcher for Tadamun society Ahmed Tubasi condemned Israel's persistence in committing crimes and violations against human rights in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories.

"We are very concerned about the continued violation of human rights in the Palestinian territories and the Palestinians' right to live like other human beings, and we denounce Israel's escalating arrest of citizens especially children and women," Tubasi stated in the report.

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What BS? Theng
Funny how a western idiot looks at things. Its just a matter of time before the Muslims get united, fight the west, and exterminate the jews. The current events unfolding like the US-puppets getting kicked out of US puppet governments, the unity of hamas and fatah, the worldwide outcry against israeli atrocities in Palestine, the active awakening of the Muslim youth, to name but a few point towards that direction. When the Rafah border gets opened, boy will you see Israeli become jittery!The US and Israel will be peeing in their pants!
Sunday, May 8,2011 18:49
you guys are a joke AMAW
I love all 1 sided bs in this web site. You people will make up every excuse, lie, story or anything of the sort to blame the west on why you people can't stop killing each other or having the most repressive corrupt governments that cause almost all of your problems. Your area should be one of the richest in the world but you people can't get along with each other long enough to realize what you could really have, hell you people have never been able to get along even when the jews weren't in Israel but you use this as another excuse. Your leaders are tyrants, your groups are led by extremest's and a good portion follow blindly and listen to the crap most of you spew about the horrible west and Israel are but maybe you should get your own countries in order and understand you could be great if you just would pull your head out as a society and not blame everyone else. The the israel excuse with Palestinians to cause more bs is getting very old, just another excuse for your extremists to cause more problems, they will not be happy until every country in the middle east and asia minor is driven into the ground and then they can rule everything with out an issue. Why do you think and who do you think is behind all the uprising against all the governments, if you have half a brain you know. It is the same extremists that want to take over and it will be just another dirt bag in power. I wish you all the luck but you people will be sure to mess it up because you all lack any sensibility god has given you. Good Luck
Sunday, May 8,2011 01:37
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