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Thousands Protest Over Economy in Jordan
Thousands Protest Over Economy in Jordan
Jordan witnessed thousands of demonstrators spurred on by the popular uprising in Tunisia, urging the government to step down.
Sunday, January 23,2011 08:47

On Friday, Jordan witnessed thousands of demonstrators spurred on by the popular uprising in Tunisia, urging the government to step down. Activists from numerous political factions including the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm marched in several cities on Friday angry over economic hardship and a lack of democratic reforms.
The opposition movements have vowed to maintain the pressure until Prime Minister
Samir Rifai and his government resigns.
The protesters, who demanded that Jordanians be allowed to elect their prime minister and the rest of the cabinet rather than have them appointed by the country’s
King Abdullah.

According to sources the government has tried to calm the situation by announcing subsidies on basic goods and fuel and a pay increase for civil servants.


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