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Salafi Tortured to Death in Church Blast Interrogations
Salafi Tortured to Death in Church Blast Interrogations
An investigation is expected to be underway following the death of Sayed Bilal a Salafi on the backdrop of the church bombings in Alexandria.
Friday, January 7,2011 17:27

An investigation is underway following the death of  Sayed Bilal a Salafist, in the wake of the church bombings in Alexandria.

Egyptian authorities will be looking into reports by his family who believe the 31-year-old was tortured to death during interrogations. Police buried the victim without the consent of his family after State Security agents arrested, interrogated and tortured him, following possible links with the bombings which left 23 dead and scores injured.

Salafi websites have circulated photos and  videos  of Bilal showing signs of torture and physical abuse. There has been no official response from the authorities.

According to lawyer, Haytham Abu Khaleel from the Alexandria based Dahaya Human Rights Centre; the Alexandria District Attorney ordered an investigation following a filed complaint by Bilal's family.

Despite denials by Chancellor Yaser Refaey that interrogations are taking place, security sources assert that authorities have held 20 people for questioning over the bombing.

Bilal's brother is currently being held in custody by security who are pressuring him and his family to withdraw their complaint and to document the reason of death as unknown

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EGYPT RUN by the COW fathima
This is the democraty that USA loves, this is what hey do un the states and this is what they teach the others to do. These are the type of people the Quran calls MUNAfiks.
Saturday, January 8,2011 16:25
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