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Experts: Brotherhood's Participation in the People's Parliament Ensure its Survival
Experts: Brotherhood's Participation in the People's Parliament Ensure its Survival
Analysts, experts, politicians and parliamentarians welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in the "People's Parliament", emphasizing that they are one of the basic guarantees, due to the group’s real political weight which adds to the parliament because it is Egypt's largest opposition faction.
Wednesday, January 5,2011 07:17

Analysts, experts, politicians and parliamentarians welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in the "People's Parliament", emphasizing that they are one of the basic guarantees, due to the group’s real political weight which adds to the parliament because it is Egypt's largest opposition faction.
They told Ikhwanweb that the main objective of the People's Parliament is to discuss draft laws submitted to annull the rigged parliament, and to submit revised bills prepared by specialists in different fields to serve the public interest. These laws will be presented to the media to be used as pressure against the system.
NAC member and political researcher, Ammar Ali Hassan, said that Al-Karam, Al-Wafd and the Brotherhood's participation are one of the basic guarantees for the continuation of parliament, indicating that uniting the efforts of the entire opposition with the masses will undoubtedly bring up active legal alternatives instead of outdated laws that are currently discussed in parliament. He also appealed to state media to stand together with the political forces in order to pressure the government to pass laws that serve the country and develop appropriate means and mechanisms that help to prosecute cases of corruption.
Former Assistant Secretary-General of the MB parliamentary bloc, Mohammed Beltagui, has noted that Egypt faces a crisis of legitimacy following the flawed elections, as the assembly lacks the legitimacy of popular approval. Many court decisions were issued to nullify the parliamentary election results in most electoral districts as parties boycotted the run-off, making the MPs lose their popular legitimacy.
Beltagui underlined the significance of the Brotherhood's participation in the popular parliament, as they will have many gains that will be better than the 20% they won in 2005 because they are representing different political powers.
He added that the People's Parliament has a symbolic reference, aiming to take legal, political and public action to prosecute people guilty of corruption, void the rigged parliament and hold free and transparent elections once again reflecting the people's will.
Former MP, Saad Abboud, from Al-Karama Party, praised the Brothers’ stances and their participation in the hopeful parliament that may reflect a new situation in Egypt because the movement is the largest political faction. That represents a quantum leap in the face of the regime, calling for the other parties, like the liberal Wafd Party to join the People's Parliament and follow the lead of the Brothers.
Abboud described the new Parliament as a political situation by which national political powers have unanimously agreed upon to combat people guilty of corruption, as evidenced by lining up the opposition against fraud and corruption which led to the deterioration of the situation in Egypt and total failure in all levels that deny people their right to choose their own representatives.
Dr. Abdel-Halim Kandeel, general coordinator of Al-Kefaya, has stressed that the Brothers add vitality, give impetus and political weight for the new parliament, and contribute to motivating people towards organizing peaceful demonstrations.
Kandil added that the key factors of the People's Parliament are embodied in drafting the new constitution, discussing complementary laws and adopting reform laws urging the rigged parliament to implement it and to be broadcast and printed.
Alaa Abdel Moneim, a former deputy from Al-Wafd Party, stressed that the parallel Parliament is a popular movement intended to discuss draft laws that are set to vote in the rigged Parliament as an inherent right of people, and that they propose many laws that serve the citizens' interests which are printed in newspapers, as well as to prosecute people guilty of corruption, and to submit complaints to the general prosecutor.
Mohsen Radi, former member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc, has ascertained: The Brothers support any free and popular mobility that does not conflict with state institutions, even if these institutions have no legitimacy, noting that the Brotherhood will not participate in any acts or movements that put national security at risk.
Radi explained that MB participation is required in order to unite all the patriotic forces to maintain and strengthen the public interest. The new parliament is dedicated to preparing draft laws for the people's benefit, and to formulate a new vision for the Constitution, and to discuss many platforms and policies by experts and specialists in various fields.


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