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Habib: Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Al-Qaeda’s Ideology
Habib: Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Al-Qaeda’s Ideology
The Muslim Brotherhood strongly rejected the latest Al Qaeda statement , in which Ayman Al Zawahri describes Housni Mubarak, Egyptian president, as "traitor"
Monday, January 1,2007 00:00

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly rejected the latest Al Qaeda statement , in which Ayman Al Zawahri describes Housni Mubarak, Egyptian president, as "traitor"

In his speech marking the occasion of Al-Adha Feast, Al Zawahri said "I greet my brothers [on the occasion of the Feast] inside the prisons of Mubarak, the traitor", referring to the recent crackdown by Egyptian authorities against members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood said "the statements of Dr. Al Zawahri over MB detainees don’t concern us; however, we ’d like to highlight two important points:

First: the Muslim Brotherhood detainees are victims of an increasing repression by a dictatorial regime which always resort to groundless accusations to eliminate its political opponents.

Second: The world now have come to realize the crystal clear difference between the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology and that of Al-Qaeda network to which Dr. Al Zawahri belongs; we- the Muslim Brotherhood- reject completely the methods and actions by Al-Qaeda network and completely denounce violence and terrorism, and staunchly support  peaceful change and reform"

Habib pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood will continue its peaceful method of change and reform- founded more than seventy five years ago by Imam Hassan Al Banna- and it will never deviate from it under any circumstances.

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