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Politicians: Vote-Rigging Put an End to Peaceful Change
Politicians: Vote-Rigging Put an End to Peaceful Change
Ikhwanweb interviewed a number of intellectuals and political analysts about what happened in the controversial parliamentary election and its impact on efforts to make the desired change and prevent hereditary rule in Egypt.
Tuesday, December 7,2010 11:29

 Ikhwanweb interviewed a number of intellectuals and political analysts about what happened in the controversial parliamentary election and its impact on efforts to make the desired change and prevent hereditary rule in Egypt after the opposition decided to withdraw which facilitated the way for the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) to win a landslide victory.

Dr. Rafiq Habib is one of the most prominent specialists in Islamic movements. Commenting on mass electoral fraud, he said it took place in the absence of judicial overseeing and under the full control of the ruling NDP, noting that the results did not reflect the will of the Egyptians. The overwhelming victory of the ruling party in the parliamentary election, analysts said, would pave the way for it winning in the presidential elections next year and this, in turn, means that parliament will have no opposition and this would completely close the door for the desired change, despite the deterioration that has occurred in people's livelihood in the last few years.

Habib proceeded to say that the status quo necessitates a change against the will of the political system, which does not reflect society's true image, and this is very serious because the authorities' policy of closing the door on peaceful change leads to the reappearance of violence, protests and sectarian strife.
Dr. Hazem Farouk, former MB parliamentary bloc member, said Sunday's parliamentary elections apparently reveal Western political support for the Egyptian authoritarian regime.

Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh said that despite the falsity of election results which have generated an illegal Parliament, it is a very important step towards political reform as it has revealed the dishonesty of the ruling regime. He added that the MB will continue to work peacefully for people’s wellbeing so that they gain their usurped rights.

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