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Obama's Grandmother Prays He Embraces Islam
Obama's Grandmother Prays He Embraces Islam
Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother says she prayed during a hajj pilgrimage to Mecca for the American leader to convert to Islam, according to reports.
Friday, November 26,2010 14:14

Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother says she prayed during a Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah for the American leader to convert to Islam, according to reports.

"I prayed for my grandson, Barack, to convert to Islam," said Sarah Omar, 88, in an interview with Al-Watan Saudi daily held in Jeddah after she performed Hajj.The paper said that Ms Omar was in Saudi Arabia performing Hajj along with her son, President Obama's uncle, Saeed Hussein Obama, and four of her grandchildren. Ms Omar and President Obama's uncle told the newspaper that they could only discuss Hajj matters and would not comment on President Obama's politics.

Obama's grandmother speaks Swahili fluently in her native dialect that is spoken in 7 African countries, including Kenya. She said: "I felt great because I remembered when I was a little girl, my teachers at school were talking about Makkah and Madina, then I took the opportunity and prayed to Allah while I was standing on the holiest place on earth to protect my relatives and my grandchildren".

The elderly grandmother born in Kogelo, western Kenya, has expressed her great happiness on performing Hajj after 88 years, adding that she could only discuss matters concerning Hajj and would not comment on Obama's policy on crucial Arab and Islamic issues, or even his speech at Cairo University in 2009 after his inauguration, or his siding with Israel.

"My grandma is specialized in preaching to non-Muslims about Islam and I learned a lot from her and I praise Allah that I performed the pilgrimage," said Faisal Mbuya, President Obama's cousin, who converted to Islam at the hands of his grandmother, who said, "When I return to my village, I will tell them about the strength and tolerance of Islam." It is worth mentioning that President Obama's grandmother is active in charitable work in Kenya.


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