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MB candidate supporters abducted
MB candidate supporters abducted
The group's lawyer told Ikhwanweb that successive security sweeps were aimed at intimidating people against voting for Muslim Brotherhood candidates in the upcoming elections.
Sunday, November 14,2010 07:07

In Alexandria governorate, state security forces abducted three supporters of MP, Saber Abul-Fotouh, for Bab Sharq, namely:
Mohamed Al Sayed Abdel Fattah, Mohamed Morsi, Musab Sami, as well as Issam Abu Haby, supporter of the group's female candidate, Bushra Al-Samny.
In Monoufeya governorate, supporters of MP, Abdul Fattah Eid, for Menoufya, al-Sadat and Sars Allian, have been arrested after accompanying him during his propaganda campaign. They are Mohamed Fathi Basal and Abdul Murdi Hammam, while security forces abducted a supporter of MP, Ali Ismail, for Al-Shohdaa Ahmed Ali Attia.
Top Brotherhood lawyer, Abdel Monem Abdel Maqsoud, has condemned the arbitrary arrests, labeling them as unjustified and illegal. He stressed that they aim at marginalizing the Muslim Brotherhood's role and undermining its great success during the coming period, while minimizing its positive interaction with the Egyptian people.
The group's lawyer told Ikhwanweb that successive security sweeps were aimed at intimidating people against voting for Muslim Brotherhood candidates in the upcoming elections, stressing that it would not achieve its goals, and will not dissuade the Brothers from contesting in the forthcoming legislative polls.



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