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Breaking news: Security forces ransack Islamist bookstores arresting owners
Breaking news: Security forces ransack Islamist bookstores arresting owners
Security forces in the Damietta governorate raid Islamist bookstores arresting a number of workers and employees.
Sunday, October 10,2010 20:05

Security services in Damietta, embarked on a campaign, raiding a number of Islamist’ bookstores, and arresting 3 of the stores owners and managers.  Stores were searched  for publications concerning parliamentary elections  and computers were confiscated.

Security forces searched numerous bookstores including the  “Imtiaz”, “Iman”, “Zohour” and “Fagr” bookstore arresting its owners Wael Al-Sawi, Sherif Al-Issawi and Hassan Marei. In a statement to “Ikhwanweb” Store owner Hazem Al-Fagr claimed that he was surprised at the number of security forces present during the searches.

 In a related note 2 other bookstores were raided in the governorate of Kafr ElSheik in Kafr Magar and Shabbas Al-Shohoda where forces also ransacked stores searching for election related documents.


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