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Muslims Facebook
Muslims Facebook
The Muslim community now has its own dedicated social network.
Monday, September 13,2010 08:32
The Muslim community now has its own dedicated social network.

Here IkhwanBook, a network designed by the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement which has also launched its own version of Wikiof Google and YouTube.

Facebook users can import their data directly to the new site that comes in English and Arabic.

The objective behind the creation of IkhwanBook is to “share your life with other Muslim brothers around the world.” According to its creators, the site wants to promote the concept of moderate Islam and to provide a forum in full freedom.

In February 2006, the organization European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center accused the Muslim Brotherhood for participating in the escalation of the case of the famous 12 cartoons of Mohammed published in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which raised the ire of the Muslim community around the world.

It remains to be seen whether the creation of IkhwanBook raise the same heated debate.


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