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Evidence of Egyptian Security Monitoring Activists on The Social Network, Facebook
Evidence of Egyptian Security Monitoring Activists on The Social Network, Facebook
Egyptian Security tracks campaigns attacking Mubarak and son on Facebook
Egyptian Security Forces set up a new section to track political activists on Facebook and to limit the number of groups against President Mubarak, his son and the ruling party from spreading.
Monday, September 6,2010 13:42

Evidence is mounting that the Egyptian Security Forces is tracking political activists on Facebook, limiting the number of protest groups publically denouncing President Mubarak, his son and the their ruling parties.
This ‘Internet Control’ Department is stemmed from the Egyptian Interior Ministry, which is aimed at continually observing these groups around the clock, 24-hours a day.
A security source ascertained that this ‘cyber-tracking’ program began closely monitoring Facebook; particularly after the massive, global attention gained from the ‘April 6th Movement’ strike in 2008.
Among the groups monitored, are supporters of political candidates who plan on running in upcoming elections, including potential parties within The Muslim Brotherhood (AlKarama, AlGhad, and AlWafd), as well as, the National Association for Change.
An anonymous source stated that a select youth group is aggressively working toward the ruling regime (National Democratic Party) NDP headquarters, responding actively to any attacks and criticisms made toward the Egyptian Government or their designated political parties; initiating 166 groups to campaign for Gamal Mubarak’s candidacy for presidency, as well as, the 38 groups campaigning for Hosni Mubarak.




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