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Once  again  peace talks or no peace talks
Once again peace talks or no peace talks
As history has it peace talks initiated by the US has continued to be regarded as a means to an end to the world's superpower.
Wednesday, August 25,2010 08:17
As history has it peace talks initiated by the US has continued to be regarded as a means to an end to the world's superpower. The dialogue lacks authenticity as both sides lack fervor and in all reality is not keen on discussions. Palestinian supporters have held diverse views and perceptions of the peace process. A key starting point for understanding these views is an awareness of the differing objectives sought by the Palestinian cause' advocates and visa versa.
The term peace process began widely used to describe the so called American-led efforts to bring about a negotiated peace between Israel and Palestine . Although the  phrase stuck with the step-by-step approach to resolving one of the world’s most difficult conflicts the emphasis in Washington has notably shifted from the spelling out of the ingredients of 'peace' to the 'process' of getting there.

In all reality the peace process has been little more than a slogan used to mask the marking of time. Neither side is overly eager for the talks. They are taking place because the United States wanted them. Indeed, in a certain sense, both sides agree to the dialogue because they do not want to alienate the United States and because it is easier to talk and fail than it is to refuse to talk. But is this the easy way out? Peace initiatives are not what they are made out to be and are ignored always by the party which has less to lose and in this case Israel .


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war on terrorism fsiekonomi.multiply.com
seems to be there\'s only one way for them; war on zionist terrorism.
Thursday, August 26,2010 12:42
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