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Report: 100 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli troops last month in Al-Khalil
Report: 100 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli troops last month in Al-Khalil
A report issued by the Palestinian prisoner society revealed that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped 100 Palestinian citizens in Al-Khalil city last June, including patients, disabled persons, ex-detainees and children.
Thursday, July 1,2010 15:04

The society affirmed that during the arrest, the IOF troops broke doors to terrorise people during their raids on homes, used violence against these Palestinians and maltreated them in front of their families, forced families outdoors, ransacked homes in a provocative way and confiscated personal belongings.

It pointed out that the troops kidnapped 16 patients in need for regular medical follow-up during the month and physically assaulted two disabled people during their detention.

Palestinian students were also not spared from these arrests, where the troops jailed 19 high school students for alleged security reasons and fabricated accusations against them to force them to work as informers in exchange for letting them go back to their schools and attend final exams, the society stressed.

The report noted that 11 children under age 18 were locked up during the same month in addition to a number of women including Iman Khalil, 33, who was taken to hospital after her exposure to severe torture at the hands of Israeli troops. The court found itself forced to release her on bail because of her bad health condition.

IOF soldiers at dawn Thursday detained four Palestinians in Beit Ummar village,
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