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MB chairman calls on Egyptian regime to come to its senses
MB chairman calls on Egyptian regime to come to its senses
Dr. Mohammed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, urged the Egyptian regime to come to its senses and acknowledge the country belongs to all Egyptians, not only the ruling elite
Monday, June 28,2010 18:27

In a recent interview with al Shorouk newspaper, Badie denied any contacts or agreements between the ruling NDP and the MB. He added that it is impossible to conduct any constructive conversations with the NDP, a party that depends largely on rigging elections to maintain its grip on power. He referred to the recent scandals during mid-term Shura elections last June where widespread rigging took place to ensure NDP victory


He compared the NDP conduct during Shura elections with that of the MB's executive Bureau during its internal elections, which took place in a free and transparent manner that adds to its democratic credentials 
Badie highlighted that during the MB's existence in parliament, members contributed to approximately 55% of the significant discussions, including domestic and international issues, in addition to addressing corruption and oppression.


He concluded his interview describing that the policies and the decision-making process within the MB are based largely on dialogue, respect and democracy, adding that he MB functions as institution in this regard. He asserted that no final decision has yet been made about the size and formula of  MB participation during the upcoming parlimentary elections in October

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