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Dr. Elias Akleh – Who is the Terrorist: Hamas or Israel?
Dr. Elias Akleh – Who is the Terrorist: Hamas or Israel?
Examining Hamas' history in order to validate/debunk this terrorism claim one discovers that Hamas did not invade and occupy any other country, but Israel did. In 1948 Israel occupied almost half of Palestine, and later in 1967 occupied the rest of Palestine, parts of Egypt, parts of Syria, and parts of Lebanon with it. This illegal occupation still stands up to date.
Monday, June 28,2010 07:47
by Dr. Elias Akleh sabbah.biz

Israelis justify their genocidal economic siege against Gaza Strip, their December 2008 barbaric war crime onslaught against 1.5 million Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and their international piracy against the international "Break the Siege Campaign" and the humanitarian aid Freedom Flotilla with the false claim that the democratically elected Hamas leadership, in the Gaza Strip, is a terrorist organization.

Examining Hamas' history in order to validate/debunk this terrorism claim one discovers that Hamas did not invade and occupy any other country, but Israel did. In 1948 Israel occupied almost half of Palestine, and later in 1967 occupied the rest of Palestine, parts of Egypt, parts of Syria, and parts of Lebanon with it. This illegal occupation still stands up to date.

Hamas did not evict complete populations of cities, did not perpetrate massacres of civilians, and did not level and raze complete cities. Israel did. Israelis had forcefully evicted the residents of Palestinian cities in 1948 and again in 1967. Israelis had committed many massacres against Palestinian civilians, such as the massacres of Deir Yassin, Ein al-Zeitun, Al-Tantura, Al-Dawayima, Jenin, and many others in Gaza Strip and Lebanon. The Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, in his book "All That Remained" had documented 500 Palestinian towns the Israelis destroyed and leveled to the ground in order to erect Israeli colonies in their places.

Hamas did not create the worst refugee crises in the world. Israel did. In 1948 Israelis expelled almost 800,000 Palestinians from their homes and towns, drove them to the neighboring Arab countries, and denied them the right of return as per UNSC resolutions. In 1967 Israelis, again, drove thousands other Palestinians from their town out of the country. For the last 62 years these refugees are living under the charity of the UNRWA.

Hamas did not send its army to attack its neighboring countries. Israel did. Israeli army attacked Jordan until it was defeated in Al-Karameh Battle in March 1968. Israel attacked Egypt and occupied the Egyptian Sinai until 1973 when the Egyptian forces destroyed the Israeli Bar Lev Wall on the eastern bank of Suez Canal. This led to Israeli withdrawal from Egyptian Sinai Desert. Israeli army invaded and occupied Lebanon twice; once in 1978 and again in 1982. The second occupation lasted eight years until Hezbollah's resistance defeated Israelis in 2000 and forced them to retreat from Lebanese land.

Hamas did not steal Palestinian land, farms and homes from their rightful owners to build illegal colonies (settlements) in violation of all international laws and despite opposition of many UNSC resolutions, and to forcefully introduce aggressive extremist religious Jewish Israelis within Palestinian communities. Hamas did not forge land and home deeds to illegally seize Palestinian properties. Israel did. Land seizure, home demolition, and home theft are routine attacks on Palestinian civilians. Such practices have intensified lately with the latest plan of demolishing 22 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem in order to build a tourist park.

Contrary to what pro-Zionist media wants us to believe Hamas is not the extreme religious fanatics intolerant to other religions with a psychotic fervor to kill Jews. True, they are fundamental Muslims, whose religion teaches tolerance and acceptance of the "People of the Book"; Jews and Christians. They are not against Jews per se, but against the Zionist occupation of their land. Israeli Jews are the most extremist religious fanatics, who prescribe to the religiously racist "God's Chosen People" ideology that is intolerant to all other religions.

Hamas did not bomb, torch, or destroy any Jewish synagogues nor dug up and razed Jewish cemeteries. Israel did. Since 1948 Israelis had destroyed hundreds of Mosques, turned others into Jewish bars or clubs or senior homes. Jewish colonizers (settlers) had torched and vandalized many mosques. Religious extremist Jews are threatening to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque, third holiest Islamic place, in order to build third Solomon Temple in its place. Israeli government had confiscated land belonging to Christian church. The Israeli army had bombed Christian churched including the Nativity church in Bethlehem, a Sumerian church in Nablus, and an Orthodox church in Gaza.

When a Jewish cemetery gets vandalized Israel and Zionists cry anti-Semitism. Yet Israelis give themselves the right to destroy hundreds of Palestinian cemeteries. In a most presumptuous act the Israeli government is digging up and razing almost a thousand years old Islamic cemetery in Jerusalem to build a museum of tolerance in its place.

Hamas was not involved in human organ trafficking by murdering Jewish children and stealing their body organs. Israelis did. Rabbis, who suppose to respect life, with the cooperation of Israeli military officials and Israeli military physicians were caught red-handed into this despicable crime.

Hamas did not manufacture drugs and smuggle them into the US. A gang of Rabbis, American Zionist Jews, and Israelis are involved into manufacturing ecstasy drugs in Israel and smuggling them into the US to profit on American addiction.

Hamas did not send arms with military trainers to every corner of the Middle East to arm and to train terrorist groups to terrorize local citizens and to attack local governments. Israel did. Israel had armed and trained Lebanese Phalangist militia, who started the Lebanese civil war and later on became Israel's proxy army during Israel's occupation of Lebanon. Israel had, also, armed and trained Kurdish militia in north Iraq to terrorize Iraqi civilians and to attack Turkish troop in east Turkey. Israel had armed and trained Jundullah terrorist group to terrorize Iranian citizens, and to attack and bomb Iranian government buildings.

Israel's arming and training had expanded beyond the Middle East to reach South African government who terrorized and suppressed the local citizens. In Algiers Israel armed and trained terrorist groups, who perpetrated many massacres against civilians. In Sudan Israel armed terrorist groups to create a division between the North and the South Sudanese. Israeli military trainers reached Latin America, where they trained drug lords' militias in Mexico and Columbia.

Hamas did not send assassinating teams, with forged foreign passports, to other countries to murder political officials, scientist, and university professors. Israel did. In 1973 Israeli army and Mossad assassins, sent to Beirut, Lebanon, assassinated three political figures; Kamal Nasser, Kamal Adwan and Muhammad Youssef al-Najjar. An estimated 100 other Lebanese security personnel and civilian neighbors were also murdered in this raid. In 1988 Israeli assassins were sent to Tunis and murdered Khalil al-Wazir, a PLO leader, in front of his wife and son. Several security guards were also murdered in this raid. In 1997 Mossad agents with forged Canadian passports entered Jordan and attempted to assassinate Khaled Mish'al, a Hamas official, with poisonous chemical weapon. The Israeli assassins were caught by Jordanians. In order to appease Jordan's King Hussein, the then Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who ordered the botched assassination attempt, was obliged to send the anti-dote to cure Mish'al from the poison, and to release the crippled Sheikh Yassin, the founder of Hamas movement. In February 2008 Israeli Mossad agents were sent to Damascus, Syria, where they assassinated by a car bomb Imad Mughniyah, a senior member in Hezbollah.

Not learning from his 1997 criminal botched assassination attempt against Mish'al, Netanyahu, becoming Israeli Prime Minister a second time, had authored the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel room in January 2010. A team of at least 29 Mossad assassins, carrying forged international passports, were sent to Dubai to assassinate al-Mabhouh; a Hamas official. The assassination was exposed internationally through Dubai's closed caption cameras.

Mossad assassins were also sent to Iran and Iraq to assassinate scientist, especially nuclear and physics scientists, university professors, and even medical doctors. According to Press TV Israeli Mossad agents were sent recently to Turkey to assassinate Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan but failed in the attempt. Erdogan has been a thorn in Israel's side lately.

The US, Israel's best friend and sponsor, was not saved from Israel's assassinations. The Mossad is accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy because he opposed Israel becoming a nuclear power, and was about to change American policy towards the Israeli/Arab conflict (see Michael Collins Piper's book "Final Judgment"). There are also many evidence implicating Israeli Mossad agents in the 911 bombing of the Trade Center.

Hamas did not spy on the US, stole its nuclear fuel and nuclear technology. Israel did. Israel's spying on the US is a well known fact among the American intelligence. The story of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is very well known. Pollard was responsible for the murder of 100 CIA agents, whose names were included in vital intelligence he turned over to the Soviet Union.

Israel's theft of American nuclear technology and fuel was exposed in the article "America's Loose Nukes in Israel" by Grant Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, where he explained how large quantities of America's highly enriched uranium and plutonium was smuggles to Israel via the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC). Besides building their own nuclear bombs, Israelis were trying to sell nuclear material and technology to apartheid South Africa.

Hamas did not commit any crime of high seas international piracy. Israel did. Israeli marine commandos had attacked, rammed, and hijacked "Break the Siege" boats, and lately had attacked Freedom Flotilla killing at least 9 international humanitarian peaceful activists, and kidnapping the rest to Israel, where they were imprisoned, roughed up, interrogated and deported. Twenty other activists are still missing, and feared being dumped in the ocean by Israeli terrorist commandos to cover their crime.

With such comparisons, and many others that could fill up volumes, one may ask why didn't Israel end up on the West's terrorist list but Hamas did? This "Terrorist List" was forced by Bush administration on the world. It is the American perspective and the American global hegemonic aspiration that determine who would be listed as a terrorist. Of course if the US would not put itself on the list for terrorizing Iraqis, Afghanis, and Pakistanis, why would it list Israel for terrorizing Palestinians and neighboring Arab Countries?

Hamas is a resistance movement with a branch of social services. It resists Israeli occupation and, at the same time, provides humanitarian and financial aid to families, who suffered from the Israeli occupation. It is not corrupt as what Fatah has lately become, and is not a collaborator with Israel as Fatah's officials. Thus it gained popularity and trust. When the American administration forced election on Palestinians in 2006 hoping to legitimize Fatah's collaborators again, Hamas won the election instead. This election was certified as fair and democratic by international monitors headed by Jimmy Carter, once an American president.

Hamas, rightfully, wanted to rectify the previous unjust agreements, expressed willingness to establish a long term truce with Israel, and accepted the two states solution providing that Israel would completely withdraw to 1967 borders. Israel rejected Hamas gestures the same way it had rejected all Arab peace initiatives in the past. Israelis refuse to be restricted within a defined border because that means the end of the Zionist expansionist scheme.

Israel, the Bush administration, and Abbas with his security chief Dahlan conspired to overthrow Hamas as was reported by Vanity Fair. Fortunately, Hamas was aware of the conspiracy and kicked Fatah's security forces out of Gaza. Since then the US added Hamas to the terrorist list, and Israel started its choking siege against Gaza.


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whatever thompson
all of Israels neighbors invaded in 1948 and hamas is a terror organization that has FAILED to invade.
Wednesday, August 4,2010 03:56
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