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Press conference condemns Interior Ministry's brutality
Press conference condemns Interior Ministry's brutality
A press conference held earlier this week revealed the latest developments of police victim Khaled Saed who was brutally beaten to death by police
Wednesday, June 23,2010 17:58

Lawyers, Family and friends were present at the conference which was held at the Journalists press syndicate.  Lawyers Ali Qasem and Mohamed Abdul Aziz maintained that the interior ministry's press statements issued shortly after the incident, with claims that the 28-year-old was evading military service and had drug convictions were  fabricated and groundless. They stressed that witnesses saw him beaten to death and that he had not died from asphyxiation after swallowing a drug wrap as alleged by the ministry

Regarding rumours that Saed had acquired a video filming police sharing a drug stash and posted it were denied by his family who ascertain they know nothing. The interior ministry is responsible for this clip and they can investigate it. We have nothing to do with this clip. We don’t know who filmed it or who uploaded it
The lawyers stated that 3 police officers namely, Mahmoud Sabry Mahmoud, Awad Ismail Suleiman and Ahmed Othman are accomplices in Saed's death. MP Saber Abul Fotouh from the Muslim Brotherhood bloc,  described Saed's death as a natural outcome of the unjust emergency law. He confirmed that a campaign has been launched aiming at gathering 100,000 signatures in support of sending the head of Alexandria ’s security directorate to trial for police abuses
A protest was later held on the steps of the Journalists’ Syndicate condemning police brutality which has claimed many lives
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injustice sulaiman
One injustice is like another injustice. All injustice is alike, evil. "They were angered with the believers only because they believed in ALLAH the All Powerful, the All praiseworthy
Thursday, June 24,2010 03:52
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