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Attorney General investigates Netanyahu’s arrest complaint
Attorney General investigates Netanyahu’s arrest complaint
A committee headed by the Attorney General began its investigations to the complaint submitted by 52 Egyptian public figures on June 4
Monday, June 21,2010 14:35

The appeal called for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Barak and the Israeli Navy Commander for committing war crimes against activists on the Freedom Flotilla.

 Ambassador Ibrahim Yosry, one of the public figures who submitted the complaint, stressed to the prosecution that International Criminal laws oblige UN member states to investigate and prosecute those who violate international agreements to prevent piracy and assault on civilians and the terrorizing of them.
 The Prosecution called the on those who filed the complaint to present copies of the international conventions included. It will be listening to Dr. Abdel Halim Qandil, Kefaya Movement’s Co-coordinator, and to Dr. Mohamed el-Beltagy, Assistant Sectary General of the MB Parliamentary bloc and Dr. Hazem Farouk who were on the Freedom Flotilla when it was attacked.
Dr. Abdel Halim Qandil told Ikhwanweb "Investigations should be followed by a developed approach since the Attorney General has accepted the case; he should summon the defenders to hear their responses to the accusations leveled against them.
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