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Media demonstrates favoritism during coverage of Shura elections
Media demonstrates favoritism during coverage of Shura elections
The Committee launched for evaluating the media's performance of the Shura Council's procedures accused the government of dominating the media coverage describing them as biased and pro-NDP.
Wednesday, May 26,2010 07:38

The report  highlighted major excesses of the media's coverage of the Shura elections from 17 to 23 May 2010 alleging  it  illustrated both discrimination and prejudice between nominees by promoting programs solely in favour of the NDP electoral campaigns while totally ignoring  campaigns by other parties

In its report, the committee recommended that Radio and TV channels urge political parties and independent nominees to take advantages of the opportunities available in these channels to present a fair coverage of all the electoral programs of the nominees. It also called on private channels to take part stressing it was a patriotic duty.

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