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Egyptian citizens in the US demand right to vote in Egyptian elections
Egyptian citizens in the US demand right to vote in Egyptian elections
Tens of Egyptian expatriates in the US organized a protest in Huston , Texas calling for their right to vote in the upcoming elections as well as the peaceful circulation of power.
Sunday, May 23,2010 17:09

Tens of Egyptians living in the US organized a protest in Huston, Texas, calling on the Egyptian government to allow them to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections, demanding political reform, and annoucing their support for Mr. ElBaradei former IAEA chief, as a potential candidate for presidency


Banners were raised and slogans chanted calling for their rights as Egyptians to vote, the national anthem was also sung


Dr. Mohamed Ali, who participated, explained that the protestors were Egyptians who truly cared about their country's affairs criticizing the widespread poverty and corruption. He hoped Egypt would truly practice democracy where elected presidents reflect the people's choice through transparent elections.


Protestors also called for independent and opposition presidential candidates be included in the upcoming presidential elections suggesting names such asAyman Nour, Hamdeen Sabbahy, Amr Mousa, Mohamed ElBaradei, as well as Gamal Mubarak, the potential ruling party candidate.

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