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Hamas and Fatah unite in commemoration of nakba
Hamas and Fatah unite in commemoration of nakba
According to UN figures approximately 5 million Palestinian refugees are strewn across the West Bank, Gaza , Lebanon , Jordan and Syria .
Sunday, May 16,2010 08:39

Palestinian rivals marched together in an exceptional show of solidarity as they marked 62 years of displacement in the war surrounding Israel 's so-called formation. Hamas and Fatah supporters raised Palestinian flags and a giant key symbolic of their hoped-for return as part of an annual tribute of what they call the catastrophe or nakba in Arabic


The dilemma of the refugees, who either fled or were driven from their homes during the 1948 Israeli-Arab war, is one of the most psychologically charged issues for Palestinians and Israel to overcome


Israel has refused, demands of partial restoration of lands arguing that an arrival of refugees would weaken Israel 's Jewish majority thus threaten the existence of the so-called state


Gaza's Hamas the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine united with their Fatah opponents to take part in the march. Smaller marches also took place in other West Bank towns and in east Jerusalem


In a related context, Egypt , allowed buses to cross the border from Gaza after opening gates for the first time in 75 days to allow medical patients and Gazans with residency abroad to leave the blockaded territory

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