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Authorities prevent MB representatives from nominating for Shura Elections
Authorities prevent MB representatives from nominating for Shura Elections
Security forces in the Egyptian governorate prevented Muslim Brotherhood MP, Azab Mustafa from handing in application forms for nomination for the upcoming Shura elections.
Thursday, May 6,2010 20:01

In several registration offices throughout the country similar measures were taken as administrators listed reasons why opposition representatives could not register. The situation was apparent in numerous governorates as blockades were arrogantly set up and offices closed. Procedures were made more and more difficult as individuals tried more than once to apply for candidacy. Officials refused to accept forms and as each hour passes more barriers are placed making nomination even more impossible.


MB members stated that the government's allegations of running a 'true democracy' are seemingly more like a mirage than a reality.


Mustafa asserted to 'Ikhwanweb' that the MB will continue to apply for nomination since it is their constitutional right and that the group will continue to fight for political reform through peaceful measures. He added, "The effect of this combination of regulations is to favour candidates of the ruling political party, which has held office for extremely long periods. The ban on independent candidates handicaps challenges in specific electoral districts by individuals who are opposed to the government, and who may well be well-known and well-liked locally".

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