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NDP: Protesters should be shot
NDP: Protesters should be shot
A parliamentary meeting which was assembled to discuss breaches to human rights committed by police against protesters, escalated from verbal clashes to fist fight.
Monday, April 19,2010 11:22


Muslim Brotherhood representative, Mohamed El-Beltagy and Ahmed Aqrab from the ruling NDP, engaged in a fist fight after Aqrab alleged that members from the MB parliamentary bloc had fabricated reports concerning violations by police during protests for media coverage. MB Hamdi Hassan had shown the assembly a protestor's shirt which had been torn during clashes between protestors and security forces during the April 6 demonstrations. The NDP lacked compassion for the protestors where he had asserted that protestors 'should be shot' rather than 'hosed down with water' prompting angry responses from both parties.

Interior Minister Assistant, Hamed Rashid, retaliated that the law permitted police to apply force against any individuals challenging public order or attacking security personnel.

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