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Shebin Textiles workers protest while Security Forces in Hamoul thwarts another
Shebin Textiles workers protest while Security Forces in Hamoul thwarts another
More than 300 workers and early pensioners from Shebin's Textile and Spinning Company, protested today in front of the Workers Union Club in Shebin El-Kom. The protestors demanded their annual bonuses which they have not received since 2009.
Friday, April 16,2010 21:17

Workers submitted complaints to the employment office in which they asserted their rights to the 5 month bonus in the production process which they had not been paid since last year.

In a related story, Security forces in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate thwarted a protest which included workers from the Delta Sugar Factory in Hamoul. The protest was scheduled to take place at 3 pm in between shifts.

The workers were protesting to the 20% reduction in their bonuses after they were informed by fax from the company’s management in Cairo .

Mohamed Mustafa, a worker, informed Ikhwanweb that the company's security guards had informed state Security Services who threatened to arrest the workers if they insisted on organizing the protest.

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