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Ed Koch’s lying tongue
Ed Koch’s lying tongue
Ed Koch is a delusional Zionist supremacist who is desperately struggling to maintain the relevance of Zionist mythology, especially in Europe and North America.
Saturday, April 10,2010 13:42

Ed Koch is a delusional Zionist supremacist who is desperately struggling to maintain the relevance of Zionist mythology, especially in Europe and North America.
And like all Zionists, the former New York mayor, seems to have little regard if any for truth and honesty.
This is why he constantly reproduces old lies and discredited canards in an effort to re-colonize and brainwash people’s minds about the reality of Zio-Nazim as embodied by the Satanic creature known as Israel.
In his latest rambling screed of lies, published in several Zionist publications, including the Jewish settler mouthpiece, the Jerusalem Post, Koch lambasted President Obama’s ostensible insistence that Israel halt its frantic settlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Koch went as far as comparing American efforts to resolve the Palestinian plight with the policy of appeasement adopted by some European governments toward Nazi Germany prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.  “There is a foul whiff of Munich and appeasement in the air, he recently wrote.
“A harbinger of what is to come is Obama’s willingness to throw Israel under the bus as an attempt to court better relations with the Sunni Arab countries. “
For Koch and like-minded Zionists, asking Israel to rein in Nazi-minded Jewish settlers, stop stealing occupied Arab land and freeze the expansion of Jewish-only colonies on land belonging to another people is tantamount to throwing Israel under the bus, according to these arrogant dogs and sick thugs.
For them, only allowing Israel to slaughter every Palestinian man, woman and child would be a sufficient proof of America’s friendship with Israel, a state that  murders children in large numbers, drops white Phosphorus shells over civilian neighborhoods and then claims it did it for self-defense.
An aggregate Zionist racist and liar from the 1950s, Koch repeats one of the most notorious lies once echoed by another pathological liar, former President Bush who claimed that Muslims and Arabs hated the U.S. because of “our freedoms and liberties” not because of America’s dark embrace of Israeli Nazism.
Koch wrote: “Hatred of the US has little to do with what we do and a lot to do with what we are - a free, secular and democratic country that protects the rights of women and minorities.”
Well, Mr. Koch is effectively committing adultery with language as he does with truth by regurgitating these stale lies. In fact, one of the main reasons for Arab-Islamic animosity toward the US government is exactly the apposite of what this old Zionist thug is saying.  In truth, it is America’s enduring and wanton embrace of tyrannical Arab regimes that deny their masses human rights and civil liberties (such as the right to elect their own rulers and freedom of speech and expression) that generate hatred for America’s policies in the Arab-Muslim world. (The other two reasons have to do with America’s dark embrace of Israel’s territorial expansion and America’s anti-Islam posture).
Hence, one can argue rather candidly that Koch is either an irredeemable, willful ignoramus, who is unlikely given his long career in politics and familiarity with the issues of the Middle East, or a pornographically odious liar that lies as often as he breathes Oxygen, which is the more likely probability.
More to the point, in his defense of Zio-Nazism, Koch claims that any balanced American approach toward the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, would result in the escalation of inter-Muslim violence, as if the racist thug was concerned about the loss of non-Jewish lives and shedding of non-Jewish blood.
He nonchalantly invokes a statement by the former Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin which really embodied Zionist diabolical sanctimony and murderous self-righteousness.
Begin, a certified war criminal, was quoted as saying following the Sabra and Shatilla massacres near Beirut in 1982, that “Gentiles kill Gentiles and they come to hang the Jews.”
Well, true the Christian militias did carry out the actual killings at the two refugee camps, but it was the Israeli occupation army, the Wehrmacht of the time, that abetted, enabled and facilitated the slaughter.”
Why does Koch, an old man with one leg in the grave and the other walking, choose to ignore this cardinal, obvious fact. Is this how Jews ought to behave. Shame on the depraved liar.
Besides, since when an irredeemable mass murderer and child killer, a Hitlerite of Menachem Begin’s caliber can be trusted as a paragon of truth when he himself boasted in his book “the Revolt” about his role in the notorious massacre of Dir Yasin?
So what is it that which Koch is barking at and what does he want? Is he trying to tell the US administration that Israel, a country situated 10,000 kilometers away, must be allowed to retain and perpetuate its control of US congress, government, media and politics even at the expense of American national interests? Is he trying to tell the American government and people that what Israel is doing in Gaza is a kosher genocide and that as such it should be allowed to continue and linger for as long as necessary depending on the mood and whims of the  Judeo-Nazi clique in Tel Aviv, especially the genocidal settler leadership?
In addition to his manifestly criminal tribal loyalty to the Nazi-like entity, Koch is also scandalously morally duplicitous when it comes to the issue of democracy.
He criticizes the Obama administration for allowing the American-puppet Afghani leader Hamid Karazai to win a second term despite the reported widespread vote-rig, arguing that the US behaved undemocratically.
In recent weeks, Karazai threatened to change the “rule of the game” with the West, especially with the Obama administration, saying “If you (the Afghan Parliament) and the international community keep pressuring me, I swear that I am going to join the Taliban.”
Koch’s lamentation about Karazai’s reelection shouldn’t be understood as an expression commitment to democracy.
After all, Koch has always been and continues to be a firm supporter of the genocidal Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, which was imposed following Hamas’s election victory in 2006.
In other words, Koch supports democracy only if its serves Israel’s and international Zionism’s global interests and goals, including the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, the creation of a huge Jewish-Zionist empire in the Middle East and probably world domination as well.
However, if democracy produces leaderships that truly reflect the masses’ collective will, as in occupied Palestine and as it would in many other Arab and Muslim countries, then Koch will come with a thousand arguments against democracy….because in the final analysis what counts, as far as he is concerned, is not people’s natural right to freedom and democracy, but rather the Jewish people’s “right” to enslave and torment “the goyem” by virtue of being “the chosen people.”
Doesn’t this, which represents the total sum, justify calling Zionists “the Nazis of our time.”?

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