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Israel hands out invitations to attend opening of synagogue inside Aqsa Mosque
Israel hands out invitations to attend opening of synagogue inside Aqsa Mosque
Palestinian sources in occupied Jerusalem claimed that the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) started to distribute official invitations for the opening of a synagogue at the heart of the Aqsa Mosque on March 16.
Thursday, March 11,2010 17:16


Sources informed that the IOA is making  preparations for March 16 according to a prophecy claimed by a Jewish rabbi in the 18th century, this synagogue will be established in the aforementioned date on the ruins of the Aqsa Mosque.

The IOA has strong intentions to tear down the Aqsa Mosque, but the conditions are not favorable at the present time to do so, the sources noted.

The sources added there is an agreement between the government and parties in Israel on the opening of this synagogue and Palestinian cooperation by Mahmoud Abbas’s authority to facilitate the opening ceremony and repel any Islamic moves to defend the Aqsa Mosque.

In light of the Israeli preparations to quell any moves to defend the holy Mosque on that day, the IOA has anyprevented Jerusalemite worshipers under 50 from entering the Mosque launching a wide kidnapping campaign against young Palestinian men in the holy city.

For their part, Abbas’s militias have kidnapped on Thursday 14 Palestinian citizens thought to be affiliated with Hamas in the governorates of Tulkarem, Nablus, Jenin, and Qalqiliya.

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