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Hammad: The PA will not allow a third Intifada
Hammad: The PA will not allow a third Intifada
In a symposium held in Cairo on Monday, Hammad reassured Israel that the protests in the occupied Palestinian lands against the segregation wall would never escalate into a third Intifada.
Wednesday, March 10,2010 20:11

Abbas’s aide also noted that the PA in the West Bank is responcible for both managing the economy and  maintaining security.

He also warned that anyone possessing weapons or explosives intended to be used against Israel will be arrested.

In a new development, Abbas’s militias kidnapped on Tuesday 27 Palestinian citizens, including a woman, thought to be affiliated with Hamas in the districts of Ramallah, Tulkarem, Jenin, Qalqiliya and Nablus.

Most of the citizens were kidnapped in Ramallah city, where Abbas’s militias raided and ransacked more than 20 homes and confiscated documents, personal  money, jewelry, computers and cell phones during the raid.

The militias also stormed a historical mosque in the Ramallah village of Kharbta Bani Harith and wreaking havoc and destruction.

Palestinian lawmakers strongly denounced Abbas's militia's for their actions.

In another incident, sources close to the family of Abdelrahman Ashtiya, a detained student from Al-Najah university. The  detainee was transferred to hospital as a result of his exposure to severe torture in Abbas’s jails. The prisoner was formerly detained in Israeli jails and is still denied family visits.

In a leaked letter, the lawmakers expressed their dismay and regret that the role of Abbas’s security apparatuses is complementary to the Israeli violations committed against the Islamic holy sites, adding that this violation of the inviolability of mosques and homes transgressed all moral and national values.

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