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Khudari: Clinton's statement on Gaza siege not enough
Khudari: Clinton's statement on Gaza siege not enough
MP criticized Clintons passive statement regarding siege on Gaza.
Sunday, February 28,2010 17:17

Independent MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, has described the statement by American secretary of state Hillary Clinton as "not enough"; where she simply called  on Israel to ease the siege on Gaza.

In a press release on Saturday, the MP stressed that the siege that has been in force for almost four years should be totally lifted, all crossings opened and all needs of one and a half million people allowed access.

The siege is affecting the sick people, students, merchants and ordinary people depriving them of a dignified life, he emphasized , noting that the siege had led to the fall of many victims, unemployment of thousands of workers, closure of factories and destruction in the infrastructure. This is illegal, unethical and inhuman in addition to a contravening to the international laws, Geneva agreements and human rights, Khudari underlined.

He said that Gaza is still anticipating a serious action to lift the siege and to begin its reconstruction after the damages caused by war  and the allowing of the reactivation of stalled projects.

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