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Hamas warns of 3rd Intifada
Hamas warns of 3rd Intifada
The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) continues its harsh measures against Palestinian Jerusalemites ordering the demolition of five-storey building.
Wednesday, February 17,2010 16:30

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has continued its harsh measures against Palestinian Jerusalemites to force them leave their homes as it ordered the demolition of a Palestinan owned five-story building in the city.

Local sources in the city revealed that the building's owner received the notice from Israeli occupation  police who arrived to the building and ordered its inhabitants to vacate it in preparation for destroying it.

The owner said he had been paying taxes since 2002, but the Israelis alleged the building doesn’t match the specification on which the permit was issued to the Palestinian man.

The building is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, and the owner assigned a group of lawyers to thwart the demolition order, and to obtain permit for the extension he had added to the building and completed in 2001.

According to local residents, the Israeli law is prejudice and against the Palestinian Jerusalemites, explaining that any modification in the building, no matter how small, would serve as a pretext to demolish the entire building and not only the extension.

The Jerusalemite man who preferred not to be identified explained that his lawyers were doing their best to obtain a restraining order from the court to give them ample time to get a building permit for the modifications he made in the building.

Thousands of Palestinian Jerusalemite families found themselves out of the city after the IOA constructed the apartheid wall, while hundreds others lost their homes after the IOA razed them at the pretext of lack of building permits.

Local observes stressed that such a policy goes in line with the IOA plan to Judaize the city and to ensure Jewish majority in it before any settlement with the Palestinians regarding the city could take place.

Meanwhile, Hamas's spokesman in Khan Younis city, Hammad Al-Rokab, warned that the IOA and the PA atrocities in the West Bank became real threat to the Palestinian issue, stressing that Hamas won't remain idle.

"The Israeli-PA security coordination that aims at uprooting the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank paves the way for more Israeli atrocities in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank cities, which would sooner or later ignite a third Palestinian uprising (intifada)", Rokab asserted.

He deprecated the PA authority in Ramallah for the IOA aggressions in the West Bank citing the security coordination between the PA and the IOF troops, saying, "The people of the West Bank became unable to protest the Israeli atrocities due to such coordination", he pointed out.

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victory fsiekonomi.multiply.com
may Alloh gives victory for mujahideen in palestine. aamiin.
Thursday, February 18,2010 10:15
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