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Al-Shabaab attack and kill civilians at out patient clinic
Al-Shabaab attack and kill civilians at out patient clinic
Mogadishu, Somalia, January 30, 2010 (SL Times) – In yet another gross violation of Islamic teachings,
Tuesday, February 2,2010 17:16
Ikhwanweb&News Agencies
Mogadishu, Somalia- In yet another gross violation of Islamic teachings, al-Shabaab militias in Mogadishu attacked a hospital killing several Somali civilian patients who were standing in line to receive medical care. 

The mortar attack happened at an outpatient clinic run by the Ugandan peacekeepers. One Ugandan soldier was killed in the attack.

Although al-Shabaab claims that it is fighting for the cause of Islam, their action is a major transgression against the Islamic religion because Islam prohibits military attacks against civilians and hospitals.
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[email protected] Abdul Rahman
May Allah reward you for speaking out against these khawarijj tyrants. They are criminals and the blood of innocent Muslims is on their hands.
Tuesday, February 2,2010 18:45
SALAFI focussed on minor issues. irfan
Salaam to the members of ikhwanweb. Dear brothers u say that salafi focusses and kill people on small issue of fiqh is an allegaion which goes against islamic teaching. In your website u have created an special corner for propaganda against salafism and u say that they are creating differences among muslims, but ur website telling a different story.
Friday, June 4,2010 16:05
Response to Irfan Haroun
Brother Irfan, AsSalamualaikum. Your words, alhamdulillah, reveal a fact about the salafi movement. You stated in your comment, u \'....have created an special corner for propaganda against salafism and...\' By using the word \'salafism\' , u help to show that the salafi movement is an \'ism\' and a sect. May Allah guide you and I and all Muslims to stay on the right path or join the right path if we have been deviated from true Islam. Ameen. May Allah protect civilians from the careless military operations of Israel, America and some Salafi movements that dont value lives of the innocents.
Thursday, June 10,2010 13:53
response to the editor Mohamed Ali
if you are looking to pick up a lie and thenn analise it as a fact, i would i've said "you have got the price...of telling lies\" but you far from it since you just a bootlegger of a.. got knows who!! Salaam.
Thursday, March 3,2011 21:48
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